Brooks Koepka has once again solidified his status as one of golf's most dominant players by claiming victory at the prestigious PGA Championship. Known for his fierce competitiveness and unwavering focus, Koepka showcased his exceptional skills and mental fortitude throughout the tournament. Notably, his choice of clubs from Srixon and Cleveland Golf played a vital role in his success. In this blog post, we will explore Koepka's remarkable win and delve into the clubs he utilized to achieve his victory.


Link to Brook's Championship Winning Clubs


Here is a full look at Koepka’s Srixon/Cleveland Golf gear:

  • Srixon ZX5 LS Mk II 10.5° Driver
  • Srixon ZX7 Mk II Irons (4i-9i)
  • Cleveland Golf RTX ZipCore 46°
  • Cleveland Golf RTX 6 ZipCore Tour Rack (52°, 56°, 60° LB)
  • Srixon Z-STAR DIAMOND golf ball


The Driver: Leading the charge off the tee, Koepka relied on the Srixon ZX5 LS Mk II 10.5° driver. This high-performance driver provided him with the perfect combination of distance and accuracy. With its advanced technologies and impressive forgiveness, the ZX5 LS Mk II allowed Koepka to consistently find the fairways, setting him up for success on each hole.


The Irons: When it came to approach shots and precision ball striking, Koepka trusted the Srixon ZX7 Mk II irons. These irons, spanning from 4-iron to 9-iron, offered exceptional control and feel, enabling Koepka to execute his shots with pinpoint accuracy. The ZX7 Mk II irons provided the necessary consistency and versatility required for Koepka to attack the greens confidently.


The Wedges: Around the greens, Koepka relied on the expertise of Cleveland Golf's renowned wedges. His setup included the Cleveland Golf RTX ZipCore 46° wedge, which proved invaluable for delicate pitch shots and precise distance control. Additionally, Koepka had the Cleveland Golf RTX 6 ZipCore Tour Rack wedges in his bag, with lofts of 52°, 56°, and 60° LB. These wedges allowed him to execute a wide range of shots, from bunker escapes to deft flop shots, ensuring he remained in control in any situation.


The Golf Ball: A crucial component of Koepka's success was his choice of golf ball—the Srixon Z-STAR DIAMOND. Renowned for its exceptional performance, the Z-STAR DIAMOND provided Koepka with the perfect balance of distance, spin, and feel. This premium golf ball complemented his skill set, allowing him to generate maximum distance off the tee while maintaining exceptional control around the greens.