XXIO designs and categorizes our three models by golfers' swing speeds.  Ranging from fastest to most moderate they are:

  • XXIO X Black:  Driver swing speeds of 85-100 MPH.  For the mid to low handicap golfer who is accustomed to playing Tour-style golf clubs and could use the lightweight benefits of XXIO to pick up some lost distance.
  • XXIO (current generation 12 with XXIO 11, XXIO 10 and so on preceding it): Driver swing speeds of 75-90 MPH.  Lightweight and forgiving golf clubs with a slight draw bias.  
  • XXIO Prime:  Driver swing speeds below 75 MPH.  Ultra-lightweight with a high balance point and draw bias.

If you are in between models or would like to experience XXIO for yourself, please find your closest golf shop using our Dealer Locator.